An Incomplete listing of Edits to Tom and Jerry Cartoons


(updated July 20. 2000)

Casanova Cat The scene of Tom coming above of the sofa with rings around his neck isn't cut but the scene of Jerry in black-face is. CN's print cuts from Jerry as a wind up mouse to the mouse throwing a note to Butch via a paper airplane.
Dog Trouble Sometimes Mammy is cut from the ending.
Feedin' the Kiddie Has the same cuts as "The little Orphan".
Flirty Birdy The scene of the bird throwing Tom out of the tree which results in him looking like an Indian is cut.
Fraidy Cat This cartoon is missing the scenes with Mammy Two-Shoes.
His Mouse Friday Turner's only print of this cartoon has all the Cannibal talk edited out, so the natives (and Jerry's impression) are silent (even though we still see their lips moving!) CN has never aired this in any condition.
Jerry's Diary The black-face gag from the "Yankee Doodle Mouse" clip censored.
Kitty Foiled CN cut all the scenes with Jerry and the canary dressed as Indians (source-LooneyThad)
Life with Tom This has aired on CN cut with the same scenes snipped from the "Little orphan" sequence as from the real short.
The Little Orphan CN used to air this, but with all scenes of Tom after the candle is burned on his tail (i.e. a racially intense black-face gag) and before the punch-line missing. There is also a TBS/TNT censoring of Mammy's 10 second appearance, so that, sans backgrounds and the way the cartoons were inked, this and it's cinemascope remake are indistinguishable.
Little Runaway This has a Chinese gag snipped from it.
The Milky Waif The scene in which Jerry uses shoe polish to disguise himself and Nibbles as black mice is cut.
Mouse Cleaning This has a definite black-face gag at the end. I very rarely saw the cut version of that. They remove the times where Tom is black-faced by the huge coal spill.
The Mouse Comes to Dinner CN's version cuts Mammy's appearance at the beginning, opening on Tom popping out of a plant pot. (source - LooneyThad)
Mouse in Manhattan The shoe shining/black-face gag is cut.
A Mouse in the House The scene in which both Tom and Butch search for Jerry in the oven, who is on top of said cooking device and puts a match in. This results in the two cats looking at the screen in black-face. In some Mammy's voice is redubbed.
Old Rockin' Chair Tom The "uncle" in "poor old uncle Tom" is absent, and in some copies Mammy has a different voice. There are multiple versions of Mammy's voice. And I think the purpose of shortening Mammy's line to "Take good care of Tom" was to remove the scene where Lightning puts shaving cream on Tom and gives him a cane, rather than the offense of the dialog.
Part Time Pal This was one of the more common ones with Mammy on CN. Her voice was indeed re-dubbed. In fact they changed some of her dialogue. In the original, she says in one scene "Well slap my face if this ain't a mess!", but in the re-dubbed, she says "Well I'll be darned. This is such a mess! Other oddities I noticed were that they muted out Tom's "One for the money, two for the show......" at the end, before drenching Mammy with a jug of water. Tom's voice was slurred in this scene. I also think Tom's hiccup behind the door sounded a little weird too. In other words...they tone down the drinking humor.
Polka Dot Puss I have seen two versions of this air on CN:
1) The original
2) The redubbed version.
Puss Gets the Boot Mammy spelling of out as O.W.T has been corrected.
Puss N' Toots The scene of Tom as an Chinese stereotype has been cut, as well as the following gag in which Jerry mimics the ethnic Tom
Safety Second The punch-line of this short is very similar to the black-face gag in "Yankee Doodle mouse". Except it's with Jerry, who is punished and it's due to a whistle with TNT inside. CN doesn't cut this but the other Turner networks do.
Saturday Evening Puss In one version Mammy the maid has been reanimated as a young white lady, yet the original voice remains the same. There is yet another version of this cartoon, which can be seen on the video "The Very Best of Tom & Jerry," where not only has Mammy Two Shoes been redrawn as a white woman, but the voice has been re-dubbed (by June Foray). Also, on the video tape, Jerry's rant to Tom about all the noise the cats are making is completely silent. On old copies of both the Mammy-Two Shoes and the white woman version although there is a lot of background noise, Jerry is still audible. He says something like, "I'm trying to get some sleep and youse guys are out here goin' BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!" Must be the african-american voice Jerry uses in this scene.
The Truce Hurts After Tom, Jerry and Spike get splashed by the mud because of a passing truck, it cuts to a stake falling out of the van, thus eliminating the scene in which the threesome look up at the screen in black-face.
The Yankee Doodle Mouse The scene where Tom sticks his head in a teapot which explodes, leaving Tom in black-face is cut.

*Exceptions* CN in London shows most of their Tom and Jerry's uncut. The ones they cut are listed below and given to me by Dik from Netherlands. Thanks.

Life With Tom - same cut as The Little Orphan
The Little Orphan - scene of result of candle burn has been cut
The Milky Waif - the shoepolish part is cut, and very badly
A Mouse in the House - black-face cats cut, not redubbed
Old Rockin' Chair Tom - uncle is removed in sound, old is held very long
Puss Gets the Boot - spelling has been corrected in sound
The Truce Hurts - the three black-faces are cut

So all the rest air uncut (including His Mouse Friday, wow!)

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